Shopping guide

We have gathered all the important information that can answer most of the questions that may arise in you before making a purchase.

  • Diana's Lingerie has been making her own branded, uniquely designed lingerie for 32 years. So we know very well that a satisfied returning customer is the best customer. With this sense of mission, we stand for the production of all our products.
    • Our store prices are set in EURO (€), but they can also be viewed in 10 other currencies according to the current daily exchange rate. If you don't see prices in the currency you want, you can change the currency in the menu in the lower left corner.
    • Once you have selected the products you want to buy, you can enter your purchase details on the Checkout page. Important information! On the Checkout page, prices are displayed in the original EURO (€) currency, as the invoice is also made in EURO.
        • We have a minimum order value in our store, which is currently 16 euros. You cannot place an order or redeem a coupon code below this value.
          • Free shipping is available in our store. You can read more about our free shipping and shipping fees by clicking here.
              • Tip: Will you have your first purchase in our store or are you just interested in our future offers? Sign up for our newsletter for a 5% discount! To do this, scroll down to the Newsletter section at the bottom of this page and you will find the long bar where you can enter your email address. When making a purchase, you can use the CODE5 coupon code on the Checkout tab to claim the discount.
              • All products are made in Europe at all stages of production. (Unfortunately, many European manufacturers import semi-finished low-quality goods from Asia, making the last manufacturing process in the EU and selling it as an EU product. This is a deception for their customers.)
              • The materials of our products come from the countries of the European Union in order to maintain a sufficiently high quality:
                • With high-quality, fine-touch cotton yarn from Greece,
                • Made of Hungarian knitted cotton fabric,
                • Austrian, French, Czech rubbers and laces,
                • And last but not least, we have been working with Hungarian professional seamstresses for 32 years.